Prague 4.1/6L Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet in White

28 9/16" x 14 9/16" x 29 1/8"
Internet SKU: 220182
Model number: 220182-000-264-000

MSRP* USD$ 835.00

Product information

Key Benefits

  • Powerful SIPHONIC flushing system reduces clogs and backups
  • Dual-flush system allows users to choose between partial and full flushes, helping to save water and reduce water bills
  • Easy-to-clean and stain-resistant bright white lustrous porcelain finish maintains its appearance over time
  • Fully glazed trapway provides a smooth, flushing system that ensures waste is effectively and efficiently removed, while also making cleaning easy and hassle-free
  • Integrated Soft close and removable close seat for smooth and silent operation and easy cleaning
  • Designed with standard rough-in measurements to allow for hassle-free installation and compatibility with most plumbing systems
  • High-efficiency rating uses less water per flush, reducing water usage and promoting sustainability
  • Elongated bowl for added comfort during use
  • Meets ADA requirements

Attribute Set


    • Integrated Soft Close Seat
    • Fully Glazed Trapway
    • Dual Flush

    Technical Specifications

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        29 1/8”
        14 5/8”
        28 5/8”
        18 3/4”
        Approximative Weight
        99 lb
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