Mass-Air Therapy

Engage in mass-air tub therapy to ease your muscle pain and achieve a sense of a unique form of relaxation.

Why Choose a Mass-Air ?


Our advanced mass-air massage system comes with more than 20 robust air jets strategically positioned on the bottom of the bathtub. It also boasts a variable speed blower, enabling you to customize the pressure to your preferred intensity.

Relish in a soothing, warm bath at a mild intensity, or amplify the pressure for a more vigorous massage experience.

A Commitment to Quality

Produits Neptune is committed to producing high-quality products. Our tub shells are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, a 10-year warranty covering the system, jets, pipes, fittings, electronic control pads, pumps, inline heaters, blowers, black box, remote controls, wiring, etc., and leaks related to manufacturing defects, and a 5-year warranty covering all defects related to colored jet trims inside the bathtub.

Enhance Your Experience



Infuse your bathing experience with vibrant light hues. Harness their transformative power to uplift both your physical and mental well-being.

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Embrace the warmth and let it set you free. The Rayola is a heated back support option that elevates your relaxation journey to unprecedented heights

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