Other Therapies

Learn more about the different kinds of therapy Produits Neptune has to offer such as chromatherapy.


Enhance your bathing experience with a range of colors for a multi-sensory journey.


Our Chromatherapy component adds the beneficial effects of colors on your body and mind to enhance your massage experience. 

Built into the bathtub contour, chromatherapy is composed of one, two, or four powerful lighting fixtures. Cleanly designed and adapted to the style of your bathtub, chromatherapy creates a soothing or energizing ambiance depending on the color you choose.

A Commitment to Quality

Produits Neptune is dedicated to creating high-quality products. Our tub shells are supported by a limited lifetime warranty, a 10-year warranty covering the system, jets, pipes, fittings, electronic control pads, pumps, inline heaters, blowers, black box, remote controls, wiring, etc., and leaks related to manufacturing defects, and a 5-year warranty covering chromatherapy and manufacturing defects for all parts.