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A very modern, contemporary style Collection


Available faucets
The sliding bar with hand shower, water outlet with thermostatic and shut-off valves will satisfy your basic everyday needs.

Add a rain-style shower head and a diverter valve to the basic combo. Experience a moment of well-earned relaxation from the hustle and the bustle of everyday life.

Combine the sliding bar with hand shower, the water outlet, the rain-style shower head, the 4 ajustable body jets, the thermostatic, shut-off and diverter valves to creat the ultimate shower experience. Whether you need a quick shower, a moment of relaxation or an energizing massage, you get the experience that suits your mood.

Sliding bar with hand shower

Rain-style shower head (136 jets with anti-lime deposit protection)

Ajustable 2 functions body jet

Allows water temperature control

Transfer the flow of water from one outlet to another.

To open and stop the water in the shower.

Installed on the wall to connect the shower rail.

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